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IRC - Intranet Chat gateway. Users of your home network prefer Intranet Chat but you like IRC more? You are fond of linux and have nothing to do with Intranet Chat clients? You do like Intranet Chat but a part of you users uses IRC? Install this gate and forget about these problems. Requires jre version 1.5 or higher installed. Works only with dedicated Intranet Chat server. The project is supplied with API for developing software / bots for Intranet Chat.

iRCha : more : javadoc

Improved (significantly improved!) Intranet Chat server. Fixed most of the issues of the "standard" server (nick substitution, messaging from other's nickname etc.), added ability to enhance server with new functions. As an example of such a new function the extended version of the server is supplied with an explicit language filter. Includes ability to ban users by IP address. The server proceeds broadcast messages and user list refreshes significantly faster. The server itself is entirely written in Java that allows it to be installed on Windows, Linux and some Unix platforms without many difficulties. Requires jre 1.5 or higher.

Scepsis server : Scepsis Ext server : more : javadoc

Intranet Chat bots development framework. A framework intended to help you in bots development for the Intranet Chat. A set of classes that allow you to build fully functional and reach client application for your chat without even having a deep knowledge of low level Intranet Chat functioning. If you want to give your users some additional service like those existing in IRC - this rich, fully functional and flexible framework can help you a lot.

IChatBot : more : javadoc

NAT handlers have been corrected and now works as intended. Corrected versions are available to download from sourceforge.


New version 0.92a has been released of iRCha, IChatAPI, IChatBot, Scepsis and Scepsis Ext


Creation of the English version of the site has started. Most of the content is still waiting for translation, so stay tuned!
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