Package com.web_visage.ichat

Interface Summary
ByteConverter Converts messages into a different form.
ByteRepresentable Defines a way to represent type as a raw byte array.
IChatMessageConstants Contains iChat message constants.
IChatMessageVisitor iChat messages visitor interface.
IChatParameterAccessor Specifies access to the iChat parameter values.
TimeConstraint Simple time constrain.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageFactory Abstract class for implementing ichat message factories.
DefaultByteConverter Default binary message converter;
DefaultMessageFactory Creates client messages.
FailSafeParameterAccessor Accessor implementation for a fail-safe parameter reading.
IChatForwardMessage Public "transport" command.
IChatMessage Represents abstract iChat message structure.
IChatSender Class representing the iChat sender format.
IChatServerForwardMessage Server iChat forward message.
IChatUserInfo User information.
IChatUserList Provides a set of operations on the user list.
TestDefaultByteConverter DefaultByteConverter test suite.
TestFailSafeParameterAccessor FailSafeParameterAccessor test suite.
TestIChatMessage Test case for IChatMessage
TestIChatMessageFactory Tests suite for DefaultMessageFactory.
TestIChatRc4 iChat implementation of the RC4 algorythm test
TestIChatSender IChatSendertest class
TestIChatUserInfo Test suite for the IChatUserInfo class.
TestIChatUserList Test suite for the IChatUserListclass.

Enum Summary
EnumIChatCommand Typesafe enumeration of the iChat commands.
EnumStatus Typesafe enumeration of the iChat user statuses.