Package com.web_visage.ichatserv.fwk

Interface Summary
ClientConnectionListener Client connection listener.
ClientErrorListener Common error handler for use among separate threads.
FileChangeListener Listens for a file change.
IChatServerReader IChat Server reader.
IChatServerWriter Writes messages to a channel/stream.
MessageHandler Handler for different type of messages.

Class Summary
AsyncServerMessageReader Caching implementation of an async message reader.
AsyncServerMessageWriter Message writer for use with non-blocking sockets.
ClientDescriptor Describes client identity.
ClientHandler Handles client behavior.
DefaultIChatServer Default IChat server component.
DefaultMessageHandler Default server message preprocessor.
FileChangeMonitor Continuously checks whether specified files has been changed.
IChatServConfig Server configuration bean.
IChatServerFwk IChat server framework.
IChatServerThread Accepts client connections and performs client connection processing.
IChatUser Represents whole information available about concrete ichat user.
InputDispatcher Reads messages from the queue and dispathes them among worker threads.
Pair<K,V> Generic key -> value pair.
ServerIChatMessage Server representation of the IChat message.
ServerMessageBuilder Multi-pass forward message builder.
TestAsyncServerMessageReader Test suite for the AsyncServerMessageReader
TestIChatServerThread TODO Add java-doc
UpdatableStringFileList List populated from file containing strings separated with line breaks.